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  • bTB Biosecurity - putting it into practice

    bTB biosecurityBy now you should have developed an understanding of the facts about bTB and how by following Defra's five point plan it is possible to maintain good biosecurity and limit the potential impact of bTB by:

    Restricting contact between badgers and cattle
    Managing cattle feed and water
    Stopping infected cattle entering the herd
    Reducing the risk from neighbouring herds
    Minimising infection from cattle manure

    In this final section of the course we aim to provide you with an opportunity to put you knowledge and skills into practice. Complete the activity below where you will be required to review some published case studies and comment on the measures that have been implemented.  Click on the link below to complete the activity.

    • Practical assignment

      Now that you have seen some examples of practical implementation of bTB biosecurity measures, it is time to have a go at applying them yourself.  Open the link below and download the assignment.  By addressing each of the points listed you will be able to develop a plan to support the implementation of biosecurity measures on farm.

    • Dairy Pro - CPD assessment

      The quiz below has been developed to reinforce your understanding of bTB biosecurity and the areas that you need to understand to develop a plan and implementation effective bTB biosecurity measures on farm.

      Those that are registered with Dairy Pro and answer the questions to the required level will be allocated Dairy Pro CPD points.

      If anyone is not a member of Dairy Pro - The professional development register, and you want to be allocated the Dairy Pro CPD Points, you can do so by registering at