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Thank you for your interest in Level 2 Certificate of Competence in the Safe and Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicine.

The online learning materials used to deliver this course have been funded by the Department of Education’s Flexible Learning Fund, which has the following delivery objectives:

  • Deliver on a more flexible or convenient timetable
  • Make online learning work for adults
  • Deliver outside the classroom
  • Use delivery methods that allow for caring responsibilities and returning to the labour market 

This qualification aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge to use veterinary medicines safely, responsibly and in accordance with current legislation. The qualification is endorsed for farm livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep and goats), camelids (llamas, alpaca, camels), and equine (horses, ponies and donkeys).  The qualification offers opportunities for employment and provides the foundation for further skills development. This practical-based qualification is designed to improve individual’s employability and increase opportunities for career progression.

Entry Requirements
There are no formal prerequisites for entry to the qualification.

Learning Pattern 
The qualification is designed to be studied flexibly online and on a part-time basis. No particular learning pattern is specified, but it is anticipated that the course should be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

Course Content

Mandatory Units

  • Responsible use of veterinary medicines
  • The purpose of this unit is for learners to administer, store and dispose of veterinary medicines competently and humanely, in accordance with the animal health plan for the safe and responsible use and storage of veterinary medicines.

Learners will be trained and assessed in one of the following animal group pathways:

Farmed livestock (cattle)
Farmed livestock (pigs)
Farmed livestock (sheep and goats)
Equine (horses, ponies and donkeys)
Camelids (e.g. llamas, alpaca, camels)>

Safely store and administer veterinary medicines
The topics covered in this unit: 

  • Signs of health and ill health in animals
  • Storage and transport of veterinary medicines
  • Administer veterinary medicines
  • Record keeping

Each unit will be assessed by means of a range of practical activities timetabled and assessed within an approved centre. They will cover all learning outcomes specified in the unit. Your selected approved centre will provide further details.

The price for the course, which is dependent on individual circumstances will be provided by your selected college provider.

Contact Us
We’re here to help you develop your skills in the safe use of veterinary medicine. If you have any questions relating to the qualification, please get in touch with Nico De Vries by email: 

If your enquiry is urgent please, contact Nico De Vries on 01604 893829 

For general enquiries relating to the qualification please contact Landex on 01604 892650

The development of the learning materials for this course have been funded by the Department of Education.  Landex Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence has managed the development of the materials, supported by the National Land Based College and City & Guilds.

* Please note that delivery of the course is subject to final validation and approval by City & Guilds.

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