This e-learning course has been produced based on materials collated by the Land Based Colleges National Consortium Ltd.

The LBCNC is a consortium of colleges working in the land-based sector which co-operate in the development and production of quality flexible learning materials which encourage independent learning.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the following individuals and colleges in the development of this learning material.

Critical feedback

Jacqueline Pratt, Warwickshire College

Moodle VLE development

These materials have been adapted for use on Land Based Learning On-line by RI Training, Norfolk.


Additional images to support the adaptation have been provided by:

  • Alec Turnbull - Land Based Learning
  • Andy Ashburn - Ashburn IT
  • Patrick McDaniel - RI Training
  • The staff at Riseholme College
  • The staff at Reaseheath College
  • The staff at Sparsholt College
  • The staff at Warwickshire College
  • North Yorkshire National Park

Special thanks also to Stuart Alexander of Agrii, for kindly organised access to the Agrii crop trials open day, facilitating the collection of many of the differnt crop images.

Animation and interaction

All animations and interactions have been developed by Andy Asburn of Ashburn IT

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