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Topic outline

  • Welcome to the Landex Flexible Learning course on the safe use of veterinary medicines

    This course has been designed for you to complete at a pace that suits you, it is a blended learning course meaning you study at home in your own time and work closely with your chosen LBL member College to conduct the practical assessment elements at the College.

    Feel free to browse the course materials for free, just click on the course category and open the module you wish to view and complete to give you an understanding of the course content . Additionally if you would like to register for this course please do so below by clicking the link and selecting your chosen LBL member College. 

    Course Overview

    This qualification aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge to use veterinary medicines safely, responsibly and in accordance with current legislation. The qualification is endorsed for farm livestock, camelids, and equine. The qualification offers opportunities for employment, provides the foundation for further skills development and increase opportunities for career progression.

    Entry Requirements
    There are no formal prerequisites for entry to the qualification.

    Learning Pattern 
    The qualification is designed to be studied flexibly online and on a part-time basis. No particular learning pattern is specified, but it is anticipated that the course should be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

    Each unit will be assessed by means of a range of practical activities timetabled and assessed within an approved centre. They will cover all learning outcomes specified in the unit. Your selected approved centre will provide further details.

    The price for the course, which is dependent on individual circumstances will be provided by your selected college provider.

    Contact Us
    We’re here to help you develop your skills in the safe use of veterinary medicine. If you have any questions relating to the qualification, please get in touch with Nico De Vries by email: 

    If your enquiry is urgent please, contact Nico De Vries on 01604 550109